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Making a scene.


I was thinking how much I had enjoyed seeing ‘The Apartment’ again. It was so easy to just be carried off with the story rather than watching it on a technical basis. I only remembered that I was watching for technical reasons when the pace slowed. That’s the sign of a good film I suppose.
So much of what we are learning in this module is informing what I do in the other modules. The ways to look at character so that it generates plot (memory, lack and secrets etc.), the writing of the treatment so that you are conscious of how you reveal what part of the plot at what point because you are writing WYSIWYG. Bringing in the corollative objects as symbols in the image also transfers to prose. It’s as if the language of the post war generation has more to do with image than prose since everyone these days access image. It is in an image that we create archetypes and using them gives resonance to a piece of work.


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