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“Don’t get me wrong, I like your reality; it’s way more interesting than mine. It’s just that mine seems to be the one everyone else is in.”


Just had a lecture about surrealism in film, contrasting what had been shown before as rational and the films we saw today,

Kitchen Sink, Copy Shop and Meshes of the Afternoon were films that we had to search for the meaning of; using the symbols we share in western culture and our own imagination.  The film makers had met us halfway  by making the films, it was up to us to work out wha they meant to us.  A bit like representational art and modern art.  The only thing I really liked about them was the humour they engendered, everything else was ‘up for debate’ in the class. Because they were outside conventional they were challenging.

Not  good films for a Monday morning.

I logged on here straight after as a distraction and read the quote in the heading on someones blog and realised how I felt.


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