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The High Jump



He just grinned at me, motioned for me to pass the headset I was wearing, and pulled up a chair.  The headset wires caught in my tiara and hair ties.  I could hear the squeal of the young girl as the realisation that Reggie B was actually talking to her and thanking her for £20 pledge.  He shared his big white-toothed smile with me at her reaction.

‘Can you put another one through for me Tinkerbelle?’ he said.  I was so smitten I ended up disconnecting the next caller instead of putting them through.  I squealed at my mistake and became more flustered with each passing second. Calm thoughts, calm thoughts I intoned between my ears, using the mantra that I used when I was about to attempt a crucial jump and the pressure was on.   I pressed another button and suddenly there was another squeal as the previously disconnected caller was suddenly back at full volume in Reggie’s ear and the monitor speaker wailed its feedback.  Reggie just grinned even more as I sorted it and puffed out my cheeks as I blew a large sigh of relief.

‘I’ll just ask my magical assistant to do that bit for you; she’s much more experienced than me at this sort of thing.’ He slid the headset off his shiny head and passed it back to me.  I took the bank card details, hardly needing to refer to the script now that I had been looking down at London for over five hours. This wasn’t the first time I had worked for Children In Need.  It was however, the first time I had decided to turn up for work at the BT tower up as a six foot tall fairy.

Reggie stopped me before I put the next call through, ‘Why not talk me through the script’ he said. ‘I want to do the job properly, makes me feel like I’m normal, not the big camp star for a change.’ He punctuated the end of this sentence with another huge grin.  ‘You seem quite normal to me’ I said lying through my teeth. Reggie B was anything but normal.  Both ‘QX’ and ‘Heat’ had in him in their top ten gorgeous guys of 2010.  The strange thing was, as we chatted between callers he did seem to become more normal. He wasn’t the surface you see on MTV Base, he was genuinely nice to all the callers I put through to him over the next hour or so.  He would look right into my eyes while he talked to the pledgers as if there wasn’t anywhere else he would rather look.  My shift finished with the end of the broadcast.  The floor manager stood on one of the desks once we were off air and thanked us all and wished us all a safe journey home.  Reggie, who was still at my side, looked at me and just said, ‘Where’s home?’  I explained it was in Poplar, not wanting to mention exactly where.  The Robin Hood Estate wasn’t the most exclusive area in the capital.  ‘I’m sure that must be near Chelsea Harbour.  I’ll have the car here in a couple of minutes, I’ll drop you off.’  I was still star-struck enough to nod dumbly and followed him down in the lift.

Reggie’s idea of the geography of London was well off the mark.  I noticed his driver, a true professional, didn’t even roll his eyes at the prospect of such a roundabout trip.  We really were worlds apart, but in the back of Mercedes, sitting with a still grinning Reggie, it didn’t feel like it.  I didn’t expect this overtly gay man to make a move on me when we pulled up at All Saints across the road from the big street-in-the sky block.  He leaned over to kiss me goodbye as my hand went to the door latch.  His eyes locked on mine as he moved in. His lips were dry and hot. I began to melt and kissed him back. This was no peck on the cheek or goodbye to his ‘Judy’ girlfriend. We pulled apart and immediately kissed again.  Now when we leaned back and looked at each other we were both grinning.  ‘Do I have to wait till the next fundraiser before I see you again?’ he asked.  ‘I’ll see if I can fit you in between my training schedule.  Text me so I have your number.’  I took out my phone from my bag and Reggie took his from inside his jacket. ‘Of course you could always come and watch me at the track.’  I thought I might be pushing it a bit but Reggie’s eyes lit up and said ‘I bet you look just as good in a tracksuit as a tutu.’  I smiled and got out.  ‘See you later then.’ I said.  As the Mercedes was swallowed into the red river of lights I wondered how I would ever get to sleep.

He comes to the track. She is distracted and comes third.

Her coach chews her head off, she has a shot at making the 2012 team, and she won’t get there seeing Reggie he says.  We get the idea the coach is actually the one for her

Reggie takes her for a ride along the embankment till they finally end up at the top of Greenwich Park admiring the view of London and the BT Tower as the sun goes down. He sings her a song about sunsets and she can’t stop herself…

So Reggie sees her for a few weeks, early morning training suffers.

She gets injured and Reggie pays for expensive therapy that she would otherwise not get.

One morning a woman is banging on Reggie’s door demanding he see her right now or he loses the deal.  It seems Reggie missed his commitments and that the woman is his business manager. 

This relationship is doomed by their other lives. Reggie has always thought he was comfortable with either sex in his bed, but being Bi seems to create problems.Reggie has real issues with his gay friends.  They challenge him over his relationship with a woman; she is not accepted by them.

Does the coach finally declare his love?

Does Reggie retire on the million he has made and support her through to the England team where she gets a medal and the man she loves?  I have yet to work this out.



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