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London. The first post.

I have been a Londoner for over 50 years. This one fact colours what I have to say about the place since I have an historical view about what London is. It doesn’t matter what view point I take this will make its presence felt.

There are many other perspectives I can bring to bear. I have been a tourist in my own town, seeing the sights since I was small. I have been a commuter into it, through it, and from it. I have had jobs within it. I’ve worked on its streets as a youth worker, I’ve protected it from damage as a fire fighter, and I’ve driven over it as both a mini cab driver and a delivery driver. I’ve let it entertain me and, on occasion, entertained it. I’ve demonstrated in it, eaten in it, praised it to foreigners and moaned about it to friends. There are bits of it I have seen that few have, from the railway tunnels of the Royal Mail to the top of the International Finance Building (the old NatWest tower shaped like their logo). There are other places I’ve never been and yet more I’ve chosen to avoid. I’ve cleaned out its crypts, been in its hospitals and its theatres. I’ve been beaten up and robbed, fallen in and out of love, danced, cried and laughed in its streets and squares. I’ve floated down its river, run over its bridges and flown over the rooftops in a helicopter.
Do I know London? Not yet.


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