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Please accept my invitation to join Last Friday’s Stories. Ware Maltings


Last Friday’s Stories. Ware Maltings

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Having opinions

I don’t think our divergent beliefs should drive a wedge into our friendship.


If you’re not standing for something, you’re falling for something.

A fence is no place to sit.


So another semester when | am supposed to witter on about how and why I write and what I have divined from my lectures and reading.

Here goes

Today I’ve not written anything but I have been thinking a lot. Mostly it’s been about the piece I dreamed up in 3007’s class and how to ‘peg’ it. I think, to make it relevant is to relate it to the proclaimed policy of making MDX a s much as a virtual uni as possible. The piece could have quotes from the business strategy document  and a picture of the LRC rather than the library. I could also contrast that with how I and others feel about learning that way and if I think it will catch on. Do you want to pay £9000 to sit at home in front of your computer? 




Forward Pass

Forward Pass.

Grumpy London?

Looking for an angle on the essay/journal conflict really does crop up. Apart from the stresses of feeling alone in a crowd, the price of stuff, the powerlessness one feels trying to change the rules it seems I am a grumpy old man ranting about it all. Perhaps I should just call it Grumpy London


Last writing pr…

Last writing practice of the year complete.  I now have some serious work to produce.  I have a critical essay to write about the film script I have written. That’s all well and good, but I don’t think the script hits the sort of targets that show the learning I have done so far this year.  The essay will have to say how it missed its mark.  The same thing is true of the critical essays for Genre and Creative Writing.  These essays will say essentially the same thing since they will both have to examine the techniques used by myself and other authors in the work we’ve looked at this term.  A lot of stuff has bled through from one to the other and it’s getting me confused. Writing the City is entirely on the back burner.  I have too many ideas for a final piece and feel isolated in my class.  I’m hoping a tutorial will help, but I have to wait a week or so before I can have one. And I still have a 1000 word creative piece to do before I can write the CMW essay.  The romance I wrote is still not a romance, the horror story is only in an outline and the the script that I spent a month on no one understands. 

Still I have a party to go to this  evening for the first time I can remember and another nights “sleep” to survive.  Happy new year



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